Monday, May 18, 2009


This is my first trip to Africa.  I'm here with Compassion International on a tour that Big Stuf Ministries out of Atlanta, Georgia is taking for their Summer Intern leaders to experience the work of Compassion first hand in the country of Kenya.  They were kind enough to let me tag along. 

We flew from Atlanta to Amsterdam in 8 hours, then to Nairobi in another 8.   I bought a smoothie 30 minutes before the flight when Keith Bordeaux with Compassion, a seasoned international traveler, offered me an Ambien to help me sleep.  I said thanks and popped it in my mouth.  With a mouthful of smoothie to help me swallow, everyone at the table yelled, "You're taking it now!?"  Gulp.  

By the time I was boarding the plane, I was speaking nonsense, shot a video of Keith from my seat, took two close-up pictures of my face and sent a twitter message for all 2,800 followers to see saying "Mocing. 8 hours. I love you.  We're going to watch a wideo now.  Luv u.  I have hiccyps!!!"   I not only have no clue what that means, but I don't remember doing any of it.  

I'm think I'm done with the Ambien.

We all checked into our hotel here in Nairobi, grabbed a quick bite and headed for bed.  This morning we visited the slums of Kibera, an area of 1 million people in the size of Central Park.  We visited the Emmanuel Church Child Development Center and saw how God is rescuing the lives of children (like Ruth, above) through donations from people all over the world, giving them hope and joy and dreams!  We sang, worshiped, laughed, played soccer, raced, ate, held hands, gave huge hugs, visited one little girl's home (about the size of my hotel room...which is small) and fell in love with the People of Kenya.