Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hey all.  Wanted to tell you about the...powerful week I had last week.  

Omaha: Last year, Sam Thomsen went on a Boy Scott retreat when Tornados ripped through the area killing 4 scouts on the trip.  Sam was 13 when he died.  His devestated family chose My Savior My God to be one of the songs played at Sam's funeral, the words brought comfort and they recalled Sam 'rocking out' to the chorus when it would come on the radio.  Six months later, during the Christmas season, the four families of the boys decided to meet at the camp grounds in remembrance of their lost loved ones.  Sharon, Sam's mom, told me she was praying for God to speak peace to her heart when, in the midst of the non-stop Christmas music, My Savior My God was played.  Then again the next day on the way home!  They invited me to come and perform for Sam's one year memorial and I of course agreed.  Meeting the family, the friends and the town was humbling and stirring.  I doubt I'll ever cease to marvel at seeing the Lord work peace into the hearts of people in obvious pain.  The tears flowed freely that evening as I watched Larry and Sharon in the front row and it seemed that every word I'd ever written was for them to hear. 
Sharon told me they'd just bought a Japanese Lilac, which blooms every June, to honor Sam.  The worker who helped them buy it not only looked like Sam but shared his name!  Store policy demanded the worker's first name and the customer's last name be on the tree, so on yellow tape around the trunk was the name "Sam...Thomsen."  As Larry pulled the car around, he rolled down the window and guess what was on the radio...

The next day, I shot a video in Nashville for To God first video shoot ever...we'll see :)

Then off to Michigan for my 4th visit to the Big Ticket Festival.  We flew into Detroit and drove 4 hours north to arrive 10 minutes after we were supposed to actually begin!  So I plugged in my acoustic and told the crowd, "Sorry we're late...if you're interested in stage set up, check out behind me, but if you feel like joining me in worshiping our God, just close your eyes and sing with me!"  (or something like that)  So by the time we sang Open the Eyes, We Fall Down and Here I Am To Worship (with an acoustic and 1,000+ loud voices!) the band was ready!  We rocked out half of our intended set before the shepherd's crooked yanked us off stage, Josh was actually playing for Natalie Grant's set 10 minutes later, then we drove back to Detroit!  3 hours of sleep (2.5) then we flew home.    And I've been sleeping ever since. 

It's crazy, but I love my job.  Thanks for letting me keep it!


Sharon Thomsen said...

Aaron, it is so touching to read what you wrote, and to know it meant as much to you to be here, as it did to us for you to come. It was an amazing night... and we, too, as we listened on the front row, felt that every word you'd ever written was meant for us.

Thank you for your incredible humility and grace in a difficult situation. God used you in such a powerful way to bring healing and comfort to our whole community.
I wanted to also tell you how much something else you said that night meant to me... while on stage, you mentioned that when God wanted to get His message across in the Old Testament, He would repeat it 3 times to the hearer. As those words left your lips that night on stage, it occurred to me that "three" was the number of times God had used your song in an almost miraculous way in our lives, this past year, to bring comfort when we needed it most.

I think we got the message. :)

Thank you for being available... for taking the time to come... and for letting God use you to bless our family so powerfully and so sweetly. May He continue to use and bless you, Aaron.

Sharon Thomsen

suchimpulse said...

What a beautiful tribute to a young man through our ongoing tribute to our loving God. There are no coincidences - just opportunities to see God in action. Thank you both for using your opportunities to share with us, and let us go on and keep on sharing the message of God's love.
May God's blessings continue to touch you and your family.

Tunafish said...

GOD keeps using you in wonderful ways. It is so encouraging and touching when you let Him work through you. Praise GOD for creating and blessing you to be a blessing to millions and more! :) Jesus loves you!

cleanaturalady said...

That memorial sounds like a touching event. It is great that you could be there for the family.

My son is a Boy Scout. On Sat. June 13, 2009, while on a camping trip, there was a tragic boat accident that killed a 12 year old boy.

It was terrible for the family and for the boys (my son included) who were at the camp out. It was, however wonderful to see the way that the Boy Scout community was there for the family.

I am never sure how people get through the awful death of a child. God is good though. Having him as a strength would be the only way to go on, I think.

i'm beccy. said...

Aaron - If you are ever in Omaha again you have a homecooked meal waiting for you! Still praying for your ministry and family.