Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kenya Coldplay California KLOVE KSBJ Crazy.

I really need to blog more than twice a month, because then there's just too much to process and you don't want to read a 5 page blog.  

I told you about my first day in Africa.  We spend 3 days total visiting Compassion Projects from slums similar to the one in Slumdog Millionaire (just a different continent) to one 2 hours away in a Masai Village to a pre-sponsorship facility in the Rift Valley for toddlers and young mothers. Seeing the difference in the faces of those who were a part of these projects as opposed to those not involved was astounding.  Hope vs. Hopelessness.   We ended the trip seeing the beauty and grandeur of Africa by going on Safari!  Young Warthogs, Herds of Elephant, Crashes of Rhino, Hungry Hippos, Gazelles of all kinds, Cape Buffalo, Lion Prides, Giraffe Towers...unbelievable.  The country and the people are equally exquisite.  I'm still trying to process the whole trip in my mind.  I experienced so much it's hard to verbalize. 

After my return, I took a trip with my family to Pittsburgh to reunite with old and dear friends, we saw a Coldplay concert, attended my home church and ate classic Aliquippa food like Mac's Donuts and Breezy's Pizza.  We spent the last night hanging out at Mark and Rachel's eating amazing Ceasar's Pasta and taking turns riding a Quad ('4-wheeler' as they say in the South) and staying up way past bedtimes (for kids and adults) Great times though.  

I'm now sitting in the Houston Hobby Airport after a quick visit to K-LOVE and AIR-1 in Sacremento; they let me be a part of their morning shows and played To God Alone: thanks guys.  And the same this morning on KSBJ here in Houston.  Mayra called into the station and even stopped by to hang out while I was there.  She got some airtime!  After breakfast with Chris Hauser and Jim Beeler at the Humble Cafe, I came nice & early to the airport and discovered there's a flight leaving for Atlanta right now!  I tried to jump on since I have no baggage and want to get home.  (7.5 hours of sleep in the last 54) 

The gate agent told me, "I can get you on the flight for $50."
I said, "Hmm...But there Are empty seats, right?"
"And I'd be making a seat available on the next flight, right?"
"So someone else could have my seat then..."
"for $50."

What if you picked out something from my table at a concert, then changed your mind before you opened it/wore it and wanted an even trade.  I wouldn't charge you a Change Fee.  I don't get it. 

But...perhaps I don't know the whole story.  Anyhow, now I have time to blog.  

Hope everyone is doing well. 
Was this 5 pages long?


Ben DiStefano said...

Glad to see that so much good stuff is happening. Would love to connect with you again. We're talking to your booking to see what we can do. Love you bro.!

BrikHed said...

your performance on KLOVE was great and well timed - sometimes the right song at the right time make all of the difference

keep the faith

baylormum said...

Was glad you tweeted yesterday about KLove. Turned it on and then switched to Aaron-1 when you "switched" from one station to the other. Loved the new tunes. Anxious for August and anxious for another "leak" tonight (we hope).
I know with the importance of tonight's hockey game, I can let you slide! It's win or stay home! They have to step it up tonight. They just stunk the other night. Pray for better skating tonight.

AURRRIEL said...

I heard you on KLOVE this morning on my way to work! Great music, new fan, had to check out the blog :)

ps. the picture on your website is funny

Anonymous said...

Aaron...Your song, "Worthy - Let All I Do," has ministered to me in so incredible ways over the last few weeks!!! Wow!!! Unbelievable song!!! Thanks so much for that!!! Maybe we can get you over here to MS sometime in the future...

Journey strong, brother!!!

- Jon Daniels, Senior Pastor
Country Woods Baptist Church
Byram, MS

Mayra said...

Africa- What an amazing opportunity. I'm glad you were able to experience and learn from it!

PA- Praise God for a mini vacation! Re-charging is good.

KSBJ- I still cant believe that @ this time yesterday I was waking up to hear you and then see you!!! I had an amazing time and feel so blessed! Thank you for being so genuine and inclusive with your fans. Going to the studio made my summer..haha. Hopefully, you'll make it back here really soon!!!

Airline- It's too bad you couldn't go home on the flight that was leaving right away =/

Have a wonderful week Aaron! Thanks for the shout out and everything else!! =)

Tunafish said...

heh, wow. love your title :D I started missing your blogs... so blog more :) GOD bless ya tons!

Dan said...

Glad to hear all is going well. I've had my fair share of trouble with travel agents, sometimes you luck out and get one that will help you.

I managed to score some M&G tickets for the Revelation Generation concert on 8/1, so I'll see you then!

Franklin Wood said...

I think you actually stayed under five pages!
Hey, we're looking forward to being with you on Tuesday. Last night we began a great weekend that will end with your concert.
Someone called the news last night as we were serving others and remembering our little brother Sam.
Here's a link if you want to check it out:
http://www.wowt.com/home/headlines/47884032.html (click on the video to the right hand side of the page.)
Blessings to you and your fam. See you Tuesday!

mbbeliever1 said...

In pulling up KLOVE's site, "Give Me Words to Speak" was playing. The last time it was seen from here was before the last blog was sent.

P. S. As the Father continues to give and confirm His direction everyday as He always has, may your prayers continue to be answered in His will.

In Jesus' name,

cleanaturalady said...

Thanks for updating your blog. I am obviously late reading it. :/
I am jealous of Mayra. If you ever make it to Dallas, maybe I could be so lucky.

Thanks for the song leaks on You-tube they are great. Can't wait for the album to hit the stores.

God Bless,

mbbeliever1 said...

Glory to God--to see that "To God Alone" played on KLOVE when awakening this morning.

In Jesus' name,

mbbeliever1 said...

In checking the KLOVE listing this morning, again, "To God Alone".

mbbeliever1 said...

Celebrating in spirit your enthusiasm, your joy every step of the way for focusing on every encounter--breaking away to give glory to God for your updates, the PENS, all NHL players, in doing whatever their hands find to do with all their might, encouraging one another, as is written: be "in honour preferring one another".

In Jesus' name,

mbbeliever1 said...

Glory to God to see "To God Alone" played on KLOVE while finishing the pre-sale order.

Anonymous said...

Okay Aaron! You have now met two folks I know. It's true! I would love to see you perform in person, but noooo! I don't get too. I did post about you meeting two young talented young men I know on my blog if you are curious as to what I"m talking about.


Mayra said...

Happy Father's Day Aaron!! I made you an e-card =)


mbbeliever1 said...

In pulling up KLOVE for the first time this morning, "To God Alone" was playing. Glory to the Father on this Father's Day; for His rest; for the sleep that He gives, as is written.

In Jesus' name,

Aaron Hassen said...

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