Saturday, July 11, 2009

Below and Above the Clouds

We played at Lifest up in Packer Country last night.  Osh Kosh, Wisconsin!  We flew in to Midway in Chicago and drove up for the festival.  Had a quick soundcheck...actually we never got to play anything at all, so it was more of a line-check where you just make sure that everything's working and you can hear each instrument in your ears.  So, come time for the actual performance, we really couldn't hear clearly.  This is not a slight on the monitor engineer at all, as he only gives us what we ask for...we just didn't have enough time to find out what we wanted.   So I heard a befuddled muddle of sound in my in-ear monitors and couldn't tell what key I was even playing in.  Which doesn't matter...unless you have to SING!  (Which is what I do if you didn't know.)  So yeah, I think I was singing a half step higher...or lower...than the actual key for most of the songs.  Beside sounding horrible, it was awesome!

We drove to a Giordano's back in Illinois and enjoyed deep dish pizza goodness then headed to the hotel.  Right as I was about to crawl into bed for 4.5 hours of precious sleep, I saw it.  My phone had a message.  

"Nathan Lampone (12:40 am): He's in Jesus' arms.  He made it to his birthday"

July 11th, my friend Tom Lampone turned 52 years old and 15 minutes later began a face to face conversation with Jesus.   I took off in the middle of a downpour this morning in Chicago and as we burst through the puffy summer clouds and saw a glorious sunrise and blue skies I thought of Tom and his transition to Life, angels escorting him to meet his Savior.  His God.   What a mind job.   

If you would, pray for his wife, Patty, his kids Nathan and Tia and all those who love him, we will miss him. 


Aaron Shust said...

that picture is actually of the clouds from this morning (a little bit after sunrise). i took that pic with my phone! (not an iPhone either) I think it looks pretty good!

Dan said...

Will be praying, I saw your tweet about it the other day, sorry for the loss :(

Heh, I help out with the sound for my church, and I know what you are talking about. I'm sure it still came out great :P

baylormum said...

It is an awesome pic and reading the end of your blog made it all the more beautiful. Your tribute the other day to the strength of your dear friend, Tom, was great. Saw your tweet, but was on the road yesterday, so just said a quick prayer for the family and his friends. Hope the weather in Pittsburgh is good. Have a safe trip. :)

Tunafish said...

I'll be praying. He must be having the time of his... existence. Can't wait to join the Party :) Jesus loves you!

cleanaturalady said...

If you stare at the picture, the clouds actually look like they are moving. Beautiful.

Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Praying for peace for his family.

I am sure you didn't sound as bad as you think you did and that everyone enjoyed the show.
God bless,

Mayra said...

I really like the picture and am sorry about your loss. I can't imagine the pain you must feel.


suchimpulse said...

Will be praying for his family and for you. Can you imagine heaven - even more beautiful than your picture?

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Oh, for that moment when our faith becomes sight!

I think a lot of us fear the clouds, and what we think they represent: For most of us, our clouds are our sufferings -- our sickness and doubt, our loneliness and sorrow. And this: DEATH.

But if we don't look carefully, we might miss the miracle in the clouds:

"... clouds are the dust of His feet." -- Nahum 1:3

Clouds are the evidence that God has been there, right?

And just above the clouds, the sun.
(And the Son.)

Blessings to you brother ... And Happy Home-going for your friend.