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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mountains Are Just Wrinkles!

This may sound a little cheesy, but I just had two 'ah-ha' moments in about twenty seconds.  Thought I'd share. 

Maybe about 4 times a year I get up early when I don't have to.  Today's one of those days, I won't mention what time it was, but I will say it was before sunrise.  So I made some coffee, sat out on my back porch, which is my favorite place to sit, chased away the geese a few times because they eat Sarah's plants and their honking will wake up Daniel.  (Their "Retreat!" honk is even louder though) Anyhow, it's a good place for a time of relative quiet.  I read Oswald Chambers for June 10th, cause I was tired...but that was really good.  Then I read July 10th, cause that's what day it is, and that was even better.  Challenging.   Then I started reading some Mocha with Max.  It's a nice collection of snippets from all of Max Lucado's books and its pages are all wrinkled because someone fell asleep in the bathtub whilst reading.  It makes it look's pretty cool actually. 

So finally the sun rises to my left (that means I'm facing South so you can stop trying to figure that out) and I can't help but notice that the page looks exactly like a topographical map of a mountain range.  

"Hm. Funny", I think to myself, "What are the chances?"
Then it hits me, "Mountains are just wrinkles!"  Something every Tectonic Geologist knew since the first day of class, I'm sure, but my mind was just kinda blown that the tectonic plates could have smashed together with such force, that the ground wrinkled up like wet paper! 

Then came "ah-ha" number two:  These "mountains" that we face in our lives, the little ones and the insurmountable ones: in the eyes of the One Who slammed those plates together with His word and formed the Himalayas; they're simply wrinkles!  If we could somehow get into our minds that He wants to helps us navigate (or carry us) through life's difficult mountainous terrain, it may not seem like mountains we need to traverse...but only wrinkles.


Aaron Shust said...

oh shoot. today's the 9th???

BrikHed said...

you are going to read the right one at some point - and i am sure it will be amazing as well....

The Mountains Are Wrinkles, I think we have a song title here

Aaron Shust said...

yeah, no kidding. I've never had so much trouble with the date. I thought that was behind in their date. funny how easy it is to be blinded to always believing you're right and everyone else is wrong. least it's a good Line for a song! good thinking!

1JesusJunkiecorid said...

Amazing insight! Thank you for sharing. I agree "The Mountains Are Wrinkles" will make a nice song title and I know the song will be amazing as well. Thank you for all you do to further God's kingdom. You encourage us more than you know. =)

Aaron Shust said...

Thanks Beth :)

Lady J said...

Yes it's the 9th but we knew what you meant.

And I'm glad you shared your "ah ha" moment. I would have never thought of mountains that way.

Lady J

Tim Ford said...

Well based on the time stamp you were up well before I was today. I like the perspective you pointed out. As you look down on your wrinkled page and can see the contours that reveal the highs and lows, so too God sees our lives from way above the mountains and can see what we have to face. All we have to do is trust Him.

Renae Flowers said...

My "ah-ha moment while reading this was that if the same principle applies to the earth as to your paper, the effects of water,...cause someone fell asleep whilst in the bathtub...we have more proof for the Flood, but I like your epiphany better. =]

Belinda said...

Please Pray !
My Sister,has had cancer in her throat and LYMPH_NODES in her Neck , and just went through 8 wks. of Chemo & Radiation- she is being fed by a tube connected into her stomach---> Really- she is FACING A MOUNTAIN ,in her Life ,she needs all the Prayer Support she can get as well as Aaron's Friend- Tom Lampone... So include Iris S. in your Prayers, Everyone ! Aaron, I know what you're going through - It's hard to keep your FAITH...when you see people FIGHTING CANCER With all that they've got :: BELINDA

Tunafish said...

I'll be praying, Belinda :) Such a great post! I really appreciate all of the things that you post on this blog. Keep inspiring the world :) I praise GOD for blessing me with you an your blog :) Jesus loves you!

suchimpulse said...

that's such an awesome thought - I also liked your comment "funny how easy it is to be blinded to always believing you're right and everyone else is wrong." That too would be a good line for a song.

No wonder you are such a good writer and singer - you have such great thoughts!

When's the next time you are coming to the Chicago area for a concert - I missed the Wisconsin concert - we were returning from a mission trip to West Virginia.

FaithBarista Bonnie said...

I'll remember this post when I look at the mountains now. And be reminded of God's view of my wrinkles and me.

Now, I get why your lyrics are so good. You are a writer at heart, seeing inspiration in everyday life.

Bina said...

LOVE that!!! Will have to remember that one!