Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back To School

Remember how before when I was leaving for the Glory Revealed Tour I said I would blog a lot? Yeah. that was awesome. Sorry about that. I twittered a lot! and now I have one of those new fangled iPhones, so I should be even better.

The Back To School Tour with Chris Sligh starts today. We actually had rehearsals yesterday here in Nashville. They went well, a little longer and more complicated than anticipated, but we survived. Duffy, my bass player from antiquity, and my new guitar player for this tour, Nate Betingfield just spent the night here in Nashville and we have bus...van call at noon and we'll hit the road for the first show tomorrow night south of Pittsburgh (Little Warshington for yunz Burghers)

So that brings me to my fear. I have been BLESSED to have traveled the past few years with some of my heros in Christian music, (enter name dropping section here) and even when I've gone out on my own, we've traveled on a bus, which places our lives in the hands of a well rested, professional driver while we sleep. I actually woke up this morning and thought I was in Pittsburgh (which would be awesome, cause I'd try to weasel into the big game!)

But in light of the present economy, we decided to keep our costs down for this tour by driving vans so that ya'll could enjoy the concert experience for as inexpensive as possible! And I'm thrilled about that: I think it's gonna be a great evening (here are the list of dates to see if we're coming near you) But I DO appreciate your prayers for us as we travel and drive ourselves to each next show right after the previous show is over (we're driving at night mostly and hauling trailers...scary). My mom reminded me today that Paul spent many sleepless nights in his travels (II Cor 6:5) and I read this morning in Psalm 56:8 "You've kept track of my every toss and turn through the sleepless nights...each ache written in your book"

So we may look a little haggard up there on stage, but we're looking forward to coming, so come on out and join us! I'll try to keep you posted.

This week:
9/11 Washington, Pa (Alliance Church)
9/12 Laurel, MD (1st Baptist)
9/13 Raleigh, NC (Christian Comm Church)

General Admission at the door or VIP Tickets available (VIP includes ticket, CD, t-shirt, early venue admission for seat selection, preshow acoustic concert plus meet and greet)


Tunafish said...

Well have a blast! and may GOD bless y'all as you're on the tour =) I'm loving all the links you set up! I'm afraid that I'm not gonna be able to go to any of the concerts and have a bunch to do for school. Rock 'em for me =) Jesus loves you!

Anonymous said...

May God keep you and everyone involved with this tour safe in your travels, and allow you the rest you need to bring His word to the people.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and BTW, I loved the pictures you "illustrated" your blog post with. Hilarious!

Bina said...

I enjoy your posts...and even was inspired to write one of my own based on what YOU wrote... Glad to "see" you back...and praying you thru the tour. Will have to see if you hit the OC or not! :) God Bless...and may you find rest at night!!
Ps. 4:8

Pokinatcha said...

Have a blessed tour & safe travels!

Dougherty Family said...

Can't wait to see you guys in Raleigh!

Laura E said...

I'm so bummed!! You're finally coming to Sioux Falls, and I'm moving out of town four days before your concert. Keep Yakima, Washington, in mind because I really, really want to go to a concert of yours! May God bless you on your tour. Stay safe!

Belinda said...

Many Heartfelt---Thanks Sent ...>>> to those who worked to make one of the most OUTSTANDING Christian Concerts of this year ! May all the Glory go to JESUS !

Belinda said...

I really loved praising God with you ! Hope you liked your free Snicker Bars , we enjoyed the cute " Back -To - School " T- shirts and the affordable merchandise ! ( And... A Breath of Fresh Air from Heavenly Places blew in ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ , and God's Praises ROCKED THE RAFTERS ! ++++++++++++++ Belinda

Theresa in WV said...

I was one of the Compassion volunteers last year at the Little Washington concert. The evening was a huge blessing for me and my husband, Kevin. (He met you afterward.) All the music was terrific.
BTW, in case you didn't hear the report, 11 children were sponsored! Some folks took literature with them as well.

May our Lord Jesus Christ shower blessings and protection down on you and your tour.

In Christ.