Saturday, September 12, 2009

First two nights

So I'm blogging on my iPhone. So it'll be short. The first two nights in Washington PA and Laurel MD were challenging to say the least but God was glorified none the less and a total of 55 children were sponsored through compassion international which means their lives will be forever changed and the cycle of emotional, economical and spiritual poverty has been broken for them! 125,000 children made commitment to Christ last year through Compassion: indescribable!

We had a technical nightmare or two this evening occur on stage: my favorite of which was when the live version video for To God Alone that was playing for our last song reset right in the middle of the song and started over!! While we kept playing! So instead of seeing how God can take our struggles and our broken lives and turn it into something beautiful... The concert members in Maryland only saw the struggles depicted...twice. If you wanna see the whole thing click here.

Now we're driving to Raliegh. We should get in around 5am. That's rough man. Pray for Nathan: he's driving.


Bina said...

I can't imagine what went thru y'alls minds when that happened. As a singer, I can't imagine what panic would set it if that happened to ME!! But, praise God, He uses EVERYthing...even the ooops and mess up! Just glad that you guys are willing to keep giving Him the glory!

I went to the youtube link...and then watched the vid for "To God Alone" and was totally inspired to be open and real. If you want, the link is

Thanks for giving of yourself for His glory! Praying for you guys on the tour this morning!

hyped4theking said...

Shuster! Take good care of my(now yours) U2 record!

Mark C said...

Don't sweat the tech problems! My little boy (10) and I were at the Laurel, Md show. We took advantage of the VIP offer and I highly recommend doing so. You and Chris could not have been more hospitable and accommodating. Whatever tech problems there may have been did not diminish the spirit moving in that place. We were jacked when we left the concert. During our hour ride home we had your CD blasting the whole way with Jacob and I shouting the chorus to "My Savior My God".
Thank everyone involved for a great show.
Mark Camponeschi

Belinda said...

Nathan, the "driving beast" could use a replacement to give him a needed taking turns or find a friend to volunteer to drive... But rest assured - we're praying for you ! Glad you're keeping us up to date with the i-phone Via TWITTER, You can reach out to the Youth this way - they love Twittering ! We'll also Pray for more Children to get Sponsored , thanks for asking folks to Help Save THE POOR , they can't ask for themselves , perhaps a group of teen friends can sponsor a child together ! Maybe 2 Families together could pitch in to save a CHILD'S LIFE !

Come on ! People's Lives depend on our HELP - WE just NEED To Make a way for them ! Please REACH OUT !!! Offer them LIFE in Jesus' Name .

rabbit said...

If it makes you feel any better - I was there and never even noticed! Everyone was too into the music at that point. Great great show.

Anonymous said...

Appreciating the tweet and blog updates during this study in sleep deprivation (or at least whacked out sleep hours) that you are engaged in. May God continue to keep you safe on these late-night rides.

Sorry to hear of the technical difficulties but all will work out. Direct link to video:

cleanaturalady said...

Praying for more smooth sailing at the next stop. What you guys are doing is so great. There is no doubt that God will indeed be glorified.

Lynne said...

Aaron, I sing on our church's worship team and know how frustrating it can be to have technical difficulties. I had my eyes closed, worshipping, and had no clue that the music video started over. Even though that happened, it's awesome to know that God was working and moving in that place. Thank you, once again, for coming and blessing us, despite your lack of sleep.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." I'm praying that you all get some rest!

melissaakastorm said...

Oh man! Well It could have been worse... You could have slammed into a door in front of a bunch of people! lol! Thanks for all you do. God is doing amazing things in and through you! God bless!

Israel Padilla said...

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