Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last Minute Angels

I've been enjoying a December at home, unlike some of my hard working colleagues out and about on tours this Christmas, and while I love to perform Christmas music and get the itch for the tour bus (vans and airports aren't itchy) life, I am absolutely Loving being home and finding a rhythm with my wife and kids. I did play with Glory Revealed December 6th here in the Atlanta area which is always a blast, and had a concert outside of Wichita, Kansas last week (a special little intimate concert with just me a guitar and a piano...that I ended with Silent Night!) but beside that, I've been home, trying to keep margin, make cookies, finish the end-of-year family home video, catch up on photo albums, brainstorm Christmas presents for loved ones, plan for next year, reading influentially worthwhile books, write good songs and make sure that I enjoy it all without missing out on the beauty of the season.

Sidenote...if we make an effort to keep Jesus the focal point of our lives all year round, we may not need to feel the pressure to 'make sure we focus on Jesus this month.' It's kinda nice to look forward to simple things, like the fact that the Christmas lights can make your house look really pretty, egg nog tastes awesome and making dozens of cookies is finally socially acceptable, all the while never forgetting that the reason WE celebrate this time of year is GOD became one of us in order to save us. Pretty outstanding: even in June.

So yesterday, enjoying our margin, I began chatting with a good friend of mine about how he looks just like a TV show host who inspired us to make a Sicilian Pizza for dinner. He jokingly invited himself over to join us, and I said, "sweet, come over!" (I still say sweet) His wife was at Bible study so he brought over the kids: we ate some homemade pizza, decorated some cookies with a LOT of sprinkles, sang, danced and just talked like good friends do.

There's a certain energy in a spontaneous evening that is so much more fun to me than something that has been on the calendar for weeks. I highly recommend the last minute invite.


Jake T. said...

Got to tell you, i got a call the other night that started this way:
"There's a Risk game starting in 20 minutes, can you be here?" It was so good to talk to Tom after a few years. My point: it is so good to be with old friends (via phone, email, in person) any time of the year. A blessed Christmas to you and yours!

Aaron Shust said...

That's amazing! What makes that funnier, was when my friend asked if he could bring anything, I asked him what he drank with pizza. I was pretty sure it was Coke...I told him we didn't have any. He said he'd just have I proceeded to tell him about how I was supposed to bring Coke one night to a Risk all-nighter back in the day, and completely forgot. Water was from then on dubbed "Aaron Juice"

yesterday. amazing timing.
love ya man. Merry Christmas!

Bonnie Muchacha said...

How S-W-E-E-T ! And those Angel Cookies look SO YUMMY ! Oh - Aaron , hope you got those " FAVRES " on your CHIN under control , you made us laugh with that PIC of YOU ! Hey - Everyone , Come on and Wish Aaron & His Family A VERY~~~ MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS ! And Take his ADVICE and invite others over to your House Un-expectantly ! Being Spontaneous adds TO MORE HOLIDAY FUN ! ! !

Bonnie Muchacha said...

Wow ! Can you Believe it ? If you need to order Christmas ANGEL COOKIES , Aaron has baked DOZENS in his BAKERY !
Hey Kids , You May ASK him for A FEW to give to St. Nicholas when he arrives at your home this Christmas ! Don't LEAVE SANTA anything but a glass of Milk with the Cookies ~~~~~~~~~ Wishing You All--- The Best HOLIDAYS You Ever had , and Remember JESUS was and IS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>> The BEST GIFT Ever Given To This WORLD ! Invite HIM in YOUR Celebrations of CHRIST -MAS ! He'll be your Most Cherished Guest ! And maybe a few Last Minute Angels will Drop In , too !

Dan said...

Haha, it seems like everyone has their own Risk story. I remember a few years ago the day after Christmas a group of us got together to play RIsk. It ended up being a 12hr marathon game while a horrendous storm was going on outside. We were so into it we didn't even realize it was that bad until it was time to go home and we had to dig our cars out from 12'' of snow.

Back to the main point of the post - Thanks for the reminder, especially in this time it is so easy to get caught up and lose sight of the real reason we are here.