Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tragedy from California

This past Sunday a plane went down, South of Butte, Montana, killing all fourteen people aboard.  Seven of them where children.  They were flying from Oroville, CA, which happens to be where I have a concert scheduled for this Saturday.  

Please pray for the families who have lost loved ones.  I cannot imagine the condition I would be in if I lost my little boys.  This is real; as real as every tragic story that we get barraged with in the media.  But people are grieving.  Pray also for myself and Sterling and Eric as we travel to California and attempt to bring some healing that can only be found in the Love of God. 

Click Here to read the whole story.  

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sometimes We Do...

I went for a run today and while I try not to write music that I don't enjoy (it's okay to like your own artwork) I have a hard time hearing my own voice.  But I have a tour with Chris Sligh coming up this Fall that I'm preparing for with new songs from the new album and I was mainly thinking of 'researching' the recording from last year.  

Anyhow, surprisingly, I actually enjoyed it.  Shane Hamill was my soundman and did a phenomenal job mixing it, Duffy, Josh and Scotty are all just incredible musicians and I not only love those guys, but I love playing live with them.   Worthy was the first song in the concert and as I was starting my run (it's a great tempo for running) I actually started to get a little emotional, just a big fat worship tune that's hard to sing...but I thought it sounded great...granted it's raw...straight from the speakers, no post production polishing, so you can hear our share of mistakes, but i guess that's what makes it real. 

If you've never been to one of my shows, or you have and you'd like to relive it over and over and over, it's available for purchase and immediate download, thanks to the amazing people at discrevolt.  I think this last show in Pittsburgh was one of the more enjoyable nights of the tour, and I was reminded today how special of an evening this was every night for us!   

My new single will be available soon off the new album, which is due 8/4, so enjoy this in the meanwhile!  I've even posted Come To Me on my myspace page to give you a feel for one of the more 'chill' moments of the night.  Here's the set list:
Aaron Shust
Whispered & Shouted Tour
Pittsburgh, PA 
Worthy/Let All I Do
Matchless/Blessed Be Your Name
Long Live The King
Give Me Words To Speak
Can't Hide From Your Love
Stillness (Speak To Me)
Watch Over Me
My Savior My God
Give It All Away
More Wonderful
'Burgh Boy (for the locals)
One Day 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Intercessor

I read a pretty moving thing yesterday.  I'm reading U2 By U2.  It's a book about U2, written by U2...if you couldn't figure that out. 

Back during the Joshua Tree Tour, I think, they were doing a large outdoor concert in LA and Bono was receiving more than a few death threats because of his political stances.   One seemed to be pretty authentic and stated that if U2 performed Pride (In The Name of Love) at the LA show, Bono would be killed.  Security was obviously uber-tight, but the show went on.  

Bono says that when it came time to sing the last verse, about Martin Luther King Jr, he just closed his eyes and sang it with all he had, more than a little nervous.   When he opened his eyes, Adam, his bass player, was standing right in front of him.  

That's where the story ended, and while I got choked up at the story of a brother's love and actual willingness to take a bullet for a friend, I couldn't help but think, "What a perfect picture of Christ taking the bullet for us.  What a perfect picture of Christ standing in front of us on judgement day, as we stand before The Perfect, Holy God of the Universe, who looks upon us in our imperfect, far from holy state...but He sees His Son, standing in front of us. 

"For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, The Man Christ Jesus"
I Timothy 2:5