Monday, January 4, 2010

What My Twitter/FB Peeps want from CCM

when asked...
-Honesty. i want to hear the "wrong" solution. and a song with no resolution. (rhyme not intended)
-Lyrically? lot's of metaphor. Musically? Whatever God leads you sweet awesome people of Christian music ministry (aw thx)
-About God overcoming our hardships and not letting our circumstances define us.
-Musically...united meets brewster...united type songs, brewster solos. That would be friggin awesome!
-I would like to hear songs that actually make sense in everyday life, use everyday language, and are interesting ro common peeps (...or...)
-I want to hear some creativity in the music instead of the same ol' same ol'. I also want to see more depth in the lyric writing
-Originality, more artists taking risks and not chasing other artist's hits. Deeper lyrics across the board with few exceptions
-I'd like more beatles in your music with a little U2 in the guitars and maybe some myriah in the vocals. go. (lol)
-Lot's of metaphor,different sounds or mixes?is that the word? different sounds,lot's of melodies
-I've noticed that more & more CCM artists are becoming worship-centered in their songs & songwriting....nothing wrong with that!
-I really luvd ur Version of Silent Night. Guess I'd love 2 hear some of the old songz interpreted in a more modern way=) (thx, chucks)
something different and doesn't sound like everything else. I don't know what that sounds like. Ive been listening & listening & still can't figure out what it is I'm looking for.
-Pick up where u left off with Take Over, clean simple melodic not over-produced, solid message. My favorite AS record (so far) (cool thanks)
-I'd like more quiet songs where the singing takes center stage. Like "Carry Me Home." But the songs could be slow or fast.
-A version of with everything by hillsong by and a collaberatio of u and Phil wickham
-less talk, more rock. ( :) )
-I'm tired of seeing Christian versions of secular stuff, I want people to make music they want to make, Not just music that will be popular and get a lot of attention, more messages like the unedited "My Jesus" from Todd Agnew. (good song!)
-Something new and inventive. New chord structures. Something that takes me beyond myself. Chart some new styles.
-"More love oh Christ, to Thee" and unapologetic truth logically thought out (i.e. nix the vague, go deep) there is something different between talking about someone we don't know, anyone can do that- &telling of a Christ you've met
-Love to hear more edgy original stuff. something that sounds different from what's out there and not a copy of a secular trend
-There are some mainstream artists I would love to see collab with CCM artists! some positive artists that would be compatible

And from Facebook...

-i'd like to hear more melodic rock stuff. Less of the 3/4 ballady kind of rock that everyone seems to be doing. With the Lord's blessing, we'll have our album done this year, too. See you on the charts! (tell me if I'm there)
-Electronic nuances with your trademark acoustic pop and worshipful lyrics. I am currently digging Jars of Clay and Paper Route, and Switchfoot's latest. Stay true to your roots.
-Lyrics inspired from the book of Romans, please! :) (awesome)
-I like that idea -- Word of God put to music.
-More scripture set to music. That is what I love so much about the Glory Revealed cds!
-I think it needs more cowbell! (thanks Uhly)
-How about a song about going to Krispy Kreme and doing a flip on a beam (do the bear, Matt)
-If it isn't broke, don't fix it, I say!
-I pretty much like everything anyway, but to answer your request: How about some local bands - The Wrecking (Maine) Lyrically - I'm partial to songs about God's incredible love for us (such as "More" - Matthew West, "My Savior My God") or applying to everyday life/how we can live for Him - anything Leeland, several of Third Day, Todd Agnew, Addison...
-I think that the lyrics should totally be inspired by Scripture. And have them set to music in the likes of Skillet, Kutless, etc. would be awesome.
-Any music you do will be a blessing to us all...I love the booklet that comes in your cd's...getting an Ipod soon first music on it will be all your fav of yours come to me... (see, when Jesus writes the lyrics, they're really good, eh?)
-I like songs of praise & worship I can sing to God. My taste in music is eclectic, so I like many styles.

Thanks all!