Monday, September 13, 2010

Formula 1...through 8

Today was the day the Doctor's tested for allergies with a blood sample to determine what Nicky is allergic too. Results haven't come in yet. They also tested 8 different formulas for Nicky to attempt to ingest orally. We only needed one to work, but none of them did. The second formula he kept down 2 ounces then minutes later 2 more ounces. Then he lost it. Three through seven also rejected (this is taking place over a period of hours, to pace the poor kid, who wants to vomit that much in a short period of time, you need a break) Number 8 he kept for 15 minutes then lost it. The doctors were hopeful that he may have kept it down and wanted to try again. Mommy stepped in and said, "Enough for the day." I'm so proud of her. He was very tired and needed sleep. Tomorrow we try again. Still an empty belly. Sarah is being visited and has been brought food. Daniel is having a blast with friends. Our family is not alone. We are so thankful to our friends and family for their love and support. And thankful to you for your prayers.


Melody Joy King said...

I've been nannying for a family for the past five years and their youngest son had horrendous acid reflux as a baby, and either intense diarhea or constiaption all the time( totally different than Nicky's condition, I know) We tried every formula we could find to no avail.I finally tried rice milk, and he stopped vomitting, and had regular bowl movements again. It does not have as many nutrients as formula, but has 120 calories per 8 oz.serving, 2.5 grams of fat, 80 mg of sodium, 23 g of carbs, 10 g. of sugar, and 1 g of protein., I am no doctor, but I just thought I'd mention it.

The ingredients are....Filtered water, brown rice (partially milled) expeller pressed high oleic safflower oil, and/or sunflower oil, and/or canola oil, tricalcium phosphate, sea salt, vitamin D2, and vitamin B12.

Jon P said...

Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you. We met you last fall in Sioux Falls, SD at one of your shows after you provided tickets to us and our son. Our little Isaiah fought a sickness and was victorious. We will pray for the same result for your little man! Please know that South Dakota is praying for your family! Peace and Grace

Shea Gilbert said...

aaron and sarah, we just read your posts about your little one. We're so sorry you're going through this and will pray for you all tonight. And for answers from the testing and wisdom from the Drs.
love you guys!

snoopy said...

Aaron, we were so moved by the concert in Farmington last night, I and my wife are praying for your little boy, hang in there. We recently went through two miscarriages and our hope was gone. I heard the Lord (finally) tell me to take her to the concert to get her out of the house. Now I know why, you guys were amazing and I so felt the presence of the Most High God there and felt Jesus tell me through you that why is the wrong question. Maybe it is what now! I added Nicki to the office prayer board. You are a great Dad and the Docs will find out the answer. Thank you for coming last night even in the midst of the chaos in your own life, we are changed and walking in a new light today. Love you brother, Jonathan and Robin Richards

Jaime Leigh said...

What a precious little fellow! Be encouraged that so many people are praying for his healing! May his precious Mommy get some rest and peace inbetween the care taking! Good for her on her boldness to say it's time for my child to rest that's enough!!! Blessing and Love to the whole family! <3

Thanks for sharing such a personal story with us!