Monday, September 13, 2010

Michigan's Mixed Emotions (Nicky)

As I sat down in the back lounge of the bus yesterday in Berrien Springs, Michigan with my Troy Polamalu Jersey on, ready for the first NFL game of the regular season to start, the phone rang as soon as the big NFL song started. It was my wife, Sarah, calling to inform me that she was taking my youngest, Nicky, back to the hospital. He was diagnosed with EE (Eoniophilic Esophogitis) last month after being unable to keep most foods down for the month prior. He has been on a steady diet of yogurt, goldfish and dry cereal. Until a couple days ago...he can't keep anything down, not even water. Sarah said she was crying out to God during church, "I have food and can't feed my child!" Daniel went home with friends and Sarah took Nicky downtown Pittsburgh and after finally reaching Nicky's specialist at home, he was admitted.

They are doing blood tests to discover what allergens are in his esophagus, hopefully we find one, then we can address the issue. They were going to do a feeding tube last night, but he needed to be hydrated first. So fluids all night long, then they are going to attempt to feed him a special allergen-free formula orally, if he does not keep it down, they will insert the feeding tube nasally. But as of now, nothing has been in his little belly for a couple days. And my son is hungry. Sarah said she'd never been so excited about a feeding tube, "He'll have food in his belly!"

He is being well taken care of. His mother loves him dearly. His doctors are the best and he's on the top of the list. His God has always had Nicky firmly in His hand and loves him more than anyone could. The community of friends that we love so dearly are taking care of Daniel, cutting our grass, etc.

If you've come to my concerts you hear me talk about Trust vs Clarity. I'm trusting. When the time comes for me to fly home I will in a heart beat. But I ask for your prayers for us as Sarah and I have decided that I remain on the road for the time being, sharing the love of God through Jesus with you.

The Steelers won yesterday. My boy is in a hospital bed. As Mac Powell said, "Some things are more important than football." I'll keep you posted.

Much love.


Anonymous said...

Don't know if you remember me (from perimeter) but I follow your blog to keep up with you and your family. Hope the Dr's figure out the culprit soon and that y'all feel a deep sense of peace on you in this process.
- Kylie

Deedee said...

Aaron and Sarah,
You are both in my prayers as well as Nicky. I am going daily on your behalf. I will continue to do so until prayers are answered.
Much love,

John said...

Praying for Nicky, and thanking God for his faithfulness to you and Sarah. God would be honored if you went home...but you're staying on the road honors God and shows that you trust him with one of the most precious gifts he can give.

Praying for you Aaron.

John Anthony, plainjohn1

Kimberly said...

Praying for you all and asking Him to keep you in His perfect peace while you are away from those you love most. Somebody I greatly respect wrote a song about resting in the arms of the One who loves you, and it's been a great comfort to me in times of unrest. Let those lyrics wash over you afresh my friend;)


XEONFF said...

My family will be praying.
God Bless.

Kim V. said...

Praying for healing and peace for Nicky and your family.

Jesus said...

Brother Aaron, my family and I are praying for you, Sarah, and Nicky. I believe that every person in the body of Christ would completely understand and support you if you decided to go home to be with your son. God bless!

Teresa said...

Just heard on the joyfm about your son. I'm sorry to hear it; someone in our church is going through the same thing. All of a sudden their teenage daughter started losing everything she ate starting back in May. she's been in Shands; it seems they determined that the muscle at the bottom of the stomach that "activates" digestion -- pushing the food through down to the intestines had just stopped working, so to speak. They just did surgery a week or so ago and put in something that would make the muscle "work" to send the food down. She's had a hard time and she had a feeding tube for a while. They were giving her 2oz of formula at a time also to see what she would keep down or how long she could keep it down, but she would lose it within a few minutes. Surgery has been successful, though... I pray for your family.

Jenny said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Matt, Sarah and Bowen Hammitt on Wed. While checking for his update today I saw Matt's message to you about Nicky. My family and I will be praying for answers to the problem and that you and your family will find comfort in the arms of God. God bless you and your family

Elaine for Mars Hill Revisited said...

Continually following Nicky's progress as you post on Twitter. I am moved to tears every time I read another update. Praying constantly for you and Sarah and Daniel and all those that surround you with support, help and guidance. Mostly praying for God's "peace that passes all understanding." That's all we can do is trust and ask for peace.
May He be glorified through your music, your wife's heart and Nicky's healing!!
~Because of Him,

Sarah said...

"God is with you. He loves you and He won't abandon you in the process." These are my words to live by, day to day. Prayers and love.