Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh Yeah, I'm still on Tour

I began in August with intention to blog about every stop on this 48 day tour called the Hope Restored Tour with Big Daddy Weave and Andy Kirk. I got a little sidetracked when my son couldn't keep food down for almost 2 weeks straight. I imagine you understand my attention being shifted.

Through the peace (that passes understanding) that God has given both Sarah and I about the situation with Nicky, and our belief that while we are his caretakers, he belongs to God, I have stayed out on the road, sharing the Good News and encouraging others to take action in sharing that Good News through the ministry of OneVerse. Sarah has been more than capable of caring for Nicky at the hospital 24-7 when he was there and our many dear friends at Crestmont Alliance Church have cared for Daniel and fed our whole family too well! The family of God is precious. Though I heard my share of criticism about my not going home to be with my family, the decision we came to (my staying on the road) is not one we have any regrets about. I have the privilege each evening of sharing about the tour's goal of completing a translation of God's Word into the Ndamba, a language spoken by 96,000 people in East Africa who have NEVER HEARD THE HOPE OF THE GOSPEL!
We have seven more shows in this tour (3 in MO, 2 in GA, 2 in FL) and if we can average 22 partners each, the translation will be complete!!! You have made such an impact on the Kingdom and are changing lives and cultures for the better!

So far the tour has taken us from all over the Midwest, up and dow the West Coast, Idaho (below), Utah and Colorado, back through Nebraska, NY, NJ, PA, the Carolinas and quite a few places in between. The beginning of the tour feels like a couple tours ago. And yet it's seem to have flown by!
I've been working like crazy on the new album and hope to be in the studio right after Thanksgiving! Writing songs for the church to use that fall under the catagory of "THIS IS WHAT WE BELIEVE!" I'm excited: stay tuned!


Melody Joy King said...

Aaron, I just wanted to say that I admire and respect you and Sarah for the decision you made. I am sure it must have been extraordinarily difficult for you to be away from home while Nicky was so sick. I am so thankful that God has supplied your family with such perfect peace. God is indeed great and worthy of all praise! I am so looking forward to your new album. Blessings to you and yours this day my friend. :0)

Praise4him2 said...

Sound like you have heard the voice of God and I am so pleased that others will be able to read the word in their own language.
It made an impact on me when you spoke the word in a language that I did not understand .For the first time I could see the importance of the depth of the tour.Thank you for continuing.I am a partner because of what you said with one verse.Thanks Rosetta Evans

JustJen said...

Still thrilled beyond words for the miracled happening in your life. I agree wholeheartedly with Sarah that there is nothing that would please the devil more than keeping you (and your amazing heart for Christ) home. Glad you're all doing well and thanks for the prayers last week. Stay strong! In Christ-Jen

Shelia said...

Aaron,people are quick to criticize when they have no idea what they are saying. I believe it took a tremendous amount of faith in God to continue working. As the army captain told don't need to go to my house, if you just speak the words, she will be healed. Sarah has been amazing throughout this whole ordeal and it has given her an opportunity to trust and grow in her relationship with God. You and Sarah are taking good care of "God's child" and you should walk in that confidence.

Elizabeth said...

Aaron, given your post, I'm even more thankful that you came to SE Idaho. It's a very rare blessing to have a Christian artist come to our area, and we appreciate it so much! I'm so glad to hear your son's improving--God is good, all the time!