Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No More Than I Can Handle...

...With the grace of God that sustains and a peace that passes understanding of course. But I wonder how close I'm getting. I decided to blog this cause I didn't know how I'd fit this update in 140 characters: the last couple days have been a whirlwind.

Wednesday 12/1: Sarah takes Nicky back to Children's Hospital after reported discomfort.

Thursday 12/2: Nicky receives his 8th feeding tube, his 3rd GJ (a replacement) and my mom calls and tells me that my 90 year old Grandma has until Monday to live, if that.

Friday 12/3: Nicky is discharged first thing in the morning and cleared to travel with us to Georgia to say our goodbyes to Grandma. We leave home at 1:40pm and arrive at 12:40 in the morning on...

Saturday 12/4: Nicky turns 2. Grandma hangs on and bounces between lucidity and living in the past. She's bedridden, can hardly see, hear or move but is still the same, sweet, little lady we all love. Many hymns sung and "Jesus, There's Just Something About That Name" sung countless times. Her obvious favorite.

Sunday 12/5: More time with Grandma. Nicky gets a fever. Steelers win.

Monday 12/6: Nicky's fever won't diminish with Tylenol, hovers around 102. We say our tearful goodbyes to a lady about to move into a pimp mansion and have dinner with her Savior and her God, then we hop into the car suddenly at 9:41PM and begin to drive back to Pittsburgh, checking Nicky's temp ever hour. If he hits 103.5 and Tylenol doesn't lower it, we have to stop at nearest ER.

Tuesday 12/7: at 2am maybe, Nicky hits 103.5. Tylenol works and we keep driving. My angel wife, Sarah, stays awake to help me stay awake (along with the prayers of friends and 5 hour energy drinks. blah) I drop off Sarah and Nicky at Children's hospital at 10am, drop of Daniel at friends at 11 and go home to go to sleep. Wake up 4:30pm. Call Sarah for update:

Nicky has severe Pneumonia, they can't stabilize him enough to move him out of the ER and into his room. Heart rate is too high, BP is too low. Fever is still at 104.

My day has been much better than Job's worst, but I'll still say it. "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord."

Dear Lord,
Give Rest to my Grandmother.
Give Your Healing to my boy.
Dona nobis pacem.
In Jesus' Name.