Monday, January 17, 2011

New Food. New Record. New Drummer. New Year.

January is half way over already! I haven't had a show since November 16th? Two months ago! But I've led worship at my home church every week but once since then, when my Grandma was threatening to meet Jesus any minute, she's still waiting for the bus to pick her up so to speak. :) (What an incredible Hope we have! Death has no sting!) I've spent time with my family as Nicky has been home from the hospital since Dec 15th. He's been off the tube since 12/30, the night before we moved him out of the nursery and gave him his own bed in the room with his big brother! He loves sleeping in the same room as his "Bubby" Nicky actually started eating mashed bananas last week! It's amazing to see him sit behind a bowl with a spoon in his hand again! Glory to God! We're so thankful God's plan involved Nicky being with us for a while longer! What a joy!

I've been working with Ed Cash since Thanksgiving on the new record. Mainly over Skype (iChat really) working on the songs, how they should go, how high, how low, how fast, how slow, which chords are the best, which melody is the strongest, production ideas like strings here or strings there or no strings at all? Big drums, no drums. A girl from Texas named April, whom I'm dying to connect with, wrote a song called My Hope Is In You, which has blessed my family so much, I'm planning to record it and hopefully it will bring blessing to your lives as well, phenomenal song, April. I'm usually quite 'protective' of my ability to write or co-write all the songs on my albums, to make sure I can get behind them 100% (believe what I'm singing): no problems on this song. I resonate. I'm actually hoping I can shoot a video for it when I go to Africa next week! We'll see.

Anyhow, I'm excited. I'm getting ready for a show this Saturday at Billy Graham's Cove in North Carolina with my band, including my new drummer Brandon Coker. I've played with him before and he's a beast on the kit. He's also a great fella. You'll love him if you don't already know him.

I'll leave you with this: I was reading in Acts 10 this morning. I love the story of Cornelius, the captain of the Italian guard, but I especially love his bio found in verse 2. "He was a thoroughly good man. He had led everyone in his house to live worshipfully before God, was always helping people in need, and had the habit of prayer." If that were said of me in 2011, even if I were not a success by the world's standards, I would be okay with that. ;)

And according to his picture here, he was apparently devilishly handsome too.

May our priorities be well focused this year.
Long live the King,


Melody Joy King said...

Ah good to have you back in Bloggerville. :0) I am so THRILLED to hear that Nicky is doing so much better! Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! I will continue to lift him up in prayer for continued healing and progress. My mom, sisters, and I are planning to come out and see you , Shaun, and Selah in McMurray, PA in March. I am really looking forward to worshiping with you all. Any chance "Long Live the King" will make it onto the set list? That is my all time favorite song of yours. In the summer of 2007 I blasted it on my car stereo every day on the way to and from work. :0) Many blessings to you and yours this new year brother!

"...Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for His compassion's never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness. I say to myself, 'The LORD is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him.'" ~ Lamentations 3:21-24 (NIV)

Aaron Shust said...

Thanks for your prayers Melody! Funny, haven't performed LLTK since Spring 08! Won't be doing it in my short 40 minute set this Spring, but depending on what my fall looks like, I may have to revisit it! :)
Thx for the encouragement!

Kim V. said...

What an incredible blessing that Nicky is now eating solid foods. I have been following the saga and praying for your family. It is wonderful to see God's hand at work. I have marveled at the strength and faith you and your wife have displayed during this time of uncertainty with your son.

May God continue to bless you and to use you to minister to others as you do so eloquently.

JustJen said...

Funnily enough, we were JUST reading about Cornelius in church on Sunday! My kids LOVED the story!

I'm SO glad that Nicky is home, where he belongs.. eating again! Amazing. The Lord is too awesome!

Hmmm... being on tour. COME HERE! We miss you. Minnesota needs you!

(And I'm a little surprised you posed that pic of the Jeep on Twitter... with your license plate number!) As the wife of a cop, that's a no no. lol

May the Lord continue his blessings on you (and Sarah and the boys!) Happy travels to Africa!


Jerry Woods said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here so candidly. I've been praying for your son. Glad to hear that things are better.

We're all looking forward to seeing you at the Heart of Worship Weekend this week at The Cove.



Dan Gross said...

Glad to see 2011 has gotten off to such a great start for you. I'm excited to hear the new material (real excited about the new label too!) and hopefully I'll be seeing Brandon playing with you (didn't even see Josh :) later in the year! And of course as you know from Twitter I rejoice at the progress reports on Nicky and pray for continued positive progress!

As for Cornelius, I know you did not say that to draw out accolades from your fanbase but let me just say that those are among the things that I've been saying about you since spring of '09 and I'm sure I'm not alone. You truly are a blessing to those whose lives you touch Aaron! Praying that God continues to unveil great things for you through 2011 and beyond!

Aaron Shust said...

Thanks for you prayers and kind words :)

and I took down the Jeep pic. If you need a car that bad, feel free to steal it, I guess. :) It's not locked. Can't lock velcro.

robinson6 said...

Aaron - I had a friend call me this morning to tell me about your interview here on KLTY... See, 2 of my kids have just been diagnosed with EE - a 3rd is being tested... and 1 is healthy... I have so struggled with it... I know God heals... I've seen it, and I pray for my kids to receive the healing... but sometimes we get so caught up in the what if's? and the difficulties of navigating EE that I forget the bigger picture and have moments of doubt... Your story came to me on a morning when one of mine is doubled over in pain throwing up - and my heart is breaking... so thank you for sharing... I really needed it this morning...