Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hey all,

Many people have asked me why I haven't blogged since March. The truth is I have, not only in my 140 character mini blogs that show up often (maybe too often) on Twitter and Facebook, but I've also begun sending out a monthly newsletter and have been a guest blogger for CCM magazine.

So my life, thoughts, inspirations and glimpses of what I see have been well documented.

We plan to create a blog on aaronshust.com that will be a sort of Tour Blog. You will be able to read about adventures on the road, see photos from the shows and hopefully add your own photos to that page. This blogger account, to the best of my knowledge will be no longer updated.

From what I hear, this Google+ deal, is like just like Facebook, and people ask "why are you not on it yet?" Because I just figured out Facebook. sorta. Once they start Googwitter, I'll probably ignore that too. :) Too much technology takes me away from what is truly important. I'm trying to streamline as much as possible. It's a challenge.

So, I'd love to keep you posted! Feel free to follow along! :)
I appreciate you all!


Dan Gross said...

How many times have you tried to quit this blog? ;) Wherever you type the words, that's where I'll be. :)

Fatcat said...

I see that you've got twitter linked to this blog and you can make these blog updates automatically go to facebook (I used to do it, but have forgotten how), so that might save you some time. But, if you need a break, just take it. We all need one every now and then. :-)

God is laying adopting a down syndrome child on my heart, so pray for my family about that.