Thursday, August 25, 2011

PROMO TOUR - August 22-25

We're driving from Fort Wayne Indiana to Chicago right now. Literally driving into the sunset. It's been one week since we started this promo tour and I am definitely feeling an interesting combination of fatigue and excitement.

Monday morning, Greg and I had a 4:20am lobby call in Seattle and flew to Kansas City where we met with Jen Allen from Centricity to do a show at a local Chick-Fil-A with KLJC 88.5. It was pretty cool to stand outside and lead a parking lot full of people in worship!

The next morning, we had another 4:20 lobby call and flew to Dallas, TX to visit KLTY 94.9, they let me play My Hope and MSMG on the morning show then I chilled with John Hudson on the New Music Cafe program for a while. We zipped off to Vista Ridge Mall for a noon concert in the center of the Mall under the giant glass rotunda. A mall full of Texans praising Jesus in the Mall is a thing to hear!

We liked it so much we did it again the next day in Winston Salem, NC, but not before I lost my luggage. We boarded our Delta flight a couple hours after the Dallas show and as we tried to finally take off, the Captain said that we'd sheared a drive shaft in the starter of engine #1. They wouldn't cancel the flight because it MIGHT get fixed. It ended up being delayed for 5 hours…we were guaranteed to miss our connection in Atlanta to get us to Greensboro, NC in time! So we booked flights on American Airlines to get us to Charlotte ASAP. (But since the Delta flight never cancelled, they couldn't transfer us: had to buy new tickets) We gave descriptions of our 5 bags to change planes and left for Charlotte. But one bag never arrived. My clothes. The Baggage man said they found it and it would arrive in Greensboro on the Delta flight the next morning.

So we spent the night in Charlotte and drove to the Greensboro/Winston area the next morning in time to be on the WBFJ 89.3 morning show with Tami and Jeff (thanks Bonnie for making us pancakes!!) I played Your Majesty and My Hope is In You AND MSMG on that show. We always have a lot of fun on the morning shows to, they're fun people: morning show people. Jen went to pick up my luggage but returned with bad news. It hadn't arrived. Thankfully we were playing at another mall, so I hit Macy's for some essentials and PacSun for some T-shirts. Done. I played the show just outside the Macy's at noon to about 700 people. What an awesome testimony to people to hear that many people sing the words, "Jesus", "Holy Holy Holy", "This Is What We Believe", etc.

Straight to the airport to fly to Fort Wayne, I explained my luggage situation to Delta Debbie and she called American Linda who found my luggage in Charlotte!! I found Lifesaver Linda and asked her to expedite my luggage to Fort Wayne. We arrived in Fort Wayne around 9 and found out that my bag was arriving at 11:30pm after they would deliver. So Greg graciously offered to pick it up for me so I could sleep. Awwwww! Thank you Greg.

We visited WLAB Star 88.3 this morning and I just shared my heart and songs with the staff, they prayed for us, we prayed for them, it was beautiful. Then we went to Sweetwater (amazing!) and worshiped the Lord in a conference room with 130 people who were just fed pizza. It doesn't have to be in church on Sunday people, Jesus can be praised anywhere! We got a tour of the Sweetwater facility and then spent the afternoon with Melissa Montana (from Star 88.3) at DeBrand chocolates home store. Un. Real. Melissa shared stories and captivated us with God's amazing grace despite hardship. What a dear soul.

Hopped in the car, aimed it toward Chicago and put it in drive...


Wiederwax Notes said...

Thanks for playing at Moody Bible Institute last night. I was moved and worshiped mightily! Praise Him!

Sharon H. said...

Thanks for visiting us in the torturous Texas summer heat! My daughters and I were able to see you at Vista Ridge Mall, and we now have a cool pic with you! It was very special to us. Mostly, thank you for the encouragement your songs have been!

gboston said...

It was a such a blessing to have you in Fort Wayne praising the Lord! Thank you so much for signing our daughters ukulele at Sweetwater. I visited her at college today and presented her with the one-and-only Aaron Shust signed uke! She was thrilled and promises to send a video when she learns a song.

Melody Joy King said...

I gotta tell ya, "Whispered & Shouted" has always been my favorite album of yours, but not anymore! The new album is such a blessing and I'm really enjoying it! I gave it to our worship leader at church and told him I'd love it if we could do some of the songs at our church in the near future. Thank you for allowing God to speak so clearly through you with such textually rich songs. I love all the Scripture that you included as well. Many blessings to you and yours brother. :0)