Monday, August 22, 2011

Tour Journal - Philomath OR and Puyallup WA 8.21.11


21 & 22 August, 2011.

We could not have asked for more beautiful weather the past two days. Greg Lee, my friend/road manager and I drove from Seattle down to an hour South of Portland on Saturday to play at a 3 year old festival in the fine town of Philomath. (Fill-OH-muth.) It was a warm one, but we had a great time. A few brave souls, came all the way up to the stage and sat in the shade of the stage-roof. And at the end as I was walking off, a guy yelled, "GLORY TO YOU!" I smiled, nodded, pointed up and said, "Glory to Him!" Waving as I walked off he said, "No, 'Glory To You', play 'Glory To You'!" I haven't played that song since 2007 with MercyMe. I never would have guessed how much I missed playing that song. And I remembered all the words and the chord change from F# to E on the bridge. A miracle.

Third Day and Peter Furler were just up the road playing at FishFest in Portland and since I was doing a Solo show, Nate was available to play guitar for Peter as he was in a pinch (his entire band was playing somewhere else…you see, we all share, although I threatened Peter to not get too attached and that I'd fight him if he tried to take him. The 4 hour drive down and back to Seattle was full of Aussie tributes. We listened to Hillsong United Aftermath on the way down: that album is legend. Then I read aloud to greg tweets from two good friends how are hilarious and Aussie. So I read them all in my best Australian accent. Then we listened to Peter Furler's new album: also legend. Then we read some Rebecca St James tweets aloud for good measure. Or good "meezha."

Puyallup was a wallop of a day. (Pew-OL-up.) We had a soundcheck at 7:45am for church, I played My Hope Is In You and MSMG before the message and Your Majesty afterward. Pastor Ron Sanchez preached on Acts 2 and it was amazing. South Hill Calvary Chapel if you want to look it up and listen to the archive messages. The congregation sang along with Your Majesty with gusto and it was amazing. We had lunch on the water in Tacoma then headed back for a sold out show. People came to see Jesus, they came to worship him. They worshiped Him through singing, by lifting their hearts and minds and by partnering with OneVerse to bring the Word of God to the lughuru people of East Africa.

Twas a good night. 4 hours of sleep and flight to Kansas City later…here I type.


Melody Joy King said...

Two blog updates in one week?!?!! I almost fainted. ;0)

Unknown said...

Thank you for coming to our little town of Philomath!
My husband and I love your worship songs and so enjoyed meeting you : )
God bless you on your wonderful journey!
Duane and Lori

Patti said...

I just commented today on your most recent post about your son...just looked back through your blog and was surprised to see you visited our town. We live on the border of Philomath and Corvallis- small world:)
Congratulations again on Michael- as I mentioned, our designer gene'd baby turns two tomorrow. Sometime when life settles down I hope you can come take a peek at our have a wonderful journey ahead of you:)

Patti said...

p.s. our lily's birth story :