Tuesday, September 27, 2011

CCM Posts

If you haven't heard, I've been throwing down my thoughts on worship in CCM magazine recently. Give her a read and feel free to jump in with your own thoughts!

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Melody Joy King said...

I was literally just talking to my friend Naomi about responding to God through music and song. It's funny that you mentioned the song "How Great Is Our God." I remember last year, the Sunday after Thanksgiving we sang that song at church. I cannot tell you how many times the magnitude of the message in that song has "destroyed" me. I have wept as I've listened to it before, just completely in awe of how great God has been to me personally in my life and through my illness. Never before had that happened when I was singing up front with the worship team though...until that Sunday. I remember about halfway through the second chorus just before the bridge, I lost it. I began to weep right there on the stage with all 200 some odd people worshiping with us. I remember initially fighting the tears thinking "Get a hold yourself Mel, you are supposed to be a 'lead worshiper' today!" Then after trying and failing miserably to do so, I just let go, put my mic down and opened my hands toward heaven and let the magnitude of what the Holy Spirit was speaking to me in that song wash over me. By the last chorus I was finally able to pick my mic up again and sing in my wobbly, awestruck voice, HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD! Hallelujah! My sister in-law who was in for the holiday came right up to me after the service and hugged me tight. I said "I'm not hurting or anything, God just really blew me away during that song." To my surprise, she just smiled and said: "I know."

Our God truly is great and worthy of ALL praise, be it broken, beautiful, in-tune, tearful, charismatic or silent! Amen? :0)