Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Sunday Break

Yesterday, Sunday, was a big day for our family. I was leading worship at church and needed to be at there around 7:15 in the morning, Sarah was teaching Sunday School on a simple little subject: The Manifestations of God. (That was sarcastic). But given the nature of the Holiday season's busyness, she wasn't able to spend as much time in preparation as she'd have wanted, so she was up quite late Saturday night preparing. She did a fantastic job of course and the worship service was God-honoring, I believe, as the Spirit loves to work through human flesh. Our pastor had been sick all night and again right before the service, and you never would have known it.

We grabbed some Chinese/Sushi after church and brought it home, made a fire and began to unwind. By 3pm we decided it was nap time, the boys had had 3 less hours of sleep than normal the night before and Sarah probably only totaled 3 hours. I set my alarm for a 45 minute cat-nap. And subsequently ignored my alarm. I sprang out of bed over 3 hours later (after dark mind you) feeling a little guilty. I woke the family, tried to explain to my boys why we were waking up when it was dark, re-stoked the fire, Sarah made some Cream of Wheat (Sunday night tradition) and we settled into a family movie night (Toy Story 1). Sarah and I discussed the beauty of the Sunday afternoon much-needed rest, thankful for a lazy day.

Then Nicky fell off the piano bench and fractured his collar bone. We didn't return from Children's Hospital until 2am.

Even though I didn't remotely feel this way when he first fell, what a privilege to take care of my family when they were in need, and how gracious of God to allow us 3 hour naps before our long night began!

Your prayers for Nicky's quick recovery are appreciated! :)


irishredrose said...

I pray Nicky will be better soon. I love Cream of Wheat one of my all time favorite breakfast foods.

Tunafish said...


Melody Joy King said...

I must say that was not the ending I was expecting as I was reading this post...I'll be praying for a speedy recovery for Nicky!

ahf said...

ah, collarbones. Our daughter broke her first collarbone on Christmas day,when I stayed home with morning sickness. My husband took her to his mom's house where she jumped off a chair, following her older cousins on some kind of adventure (she was almost-4). She had the first broken bone (collarbone again) when our new elementary school opened, she was running hand-in-hand with a friend in third grade and they tripped over a rock. The last (phew!) broken collarbone was while playing softball in 7th grade PE. By that time she was an old hand, and walked off the field, being yelled at by the sub. She cradled her arm and headed to the office.
Nicky - wear your harness with pride! Aaron - get some cute pictures of him.

Melody Joy King said...

As I was praying for Nicky Saturday evening, my prayer progressed from "Lord, please heal Nicky's Collar bone quickly!" to...."Father thank You that Nicky is alive and well and was here to break his collar bone." God is good all the time. Merry Christmas to you and yours Brother! :0)

Aaron Shust said...

Thank you all for your prayers, Melody, that is a beautiful prayer!!! I love it! Amen and amen!!!