Monday, March 26, 2012

Called To Love

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I'm sitting at the Madison (aka Radison) Wisconsin Airport with Glenn Lavendar (G.Lav) from Downhere getting ready to fly to our respective homes to be reunited with our respective families.  The first two weeks of the Spring leg of the Called To Love Tour is over and I couldn't feel better about how the evenings have been going.  Every night has been packed if not sold out in advance, people standing in the aisles, singing, shouting, laughing, crying, praising, worshiping. If you're on the fence about coming to a show near (or far) from you, please join us, people tell me it was a good decision to come and we'd love to meet you!  We've been doing a Q&A for the "Artist Circle" ticket purchasers before the show and it's been a great time of banter between Jason Gray, Downhere and myself and we're able to spend more time than we do in concert to go deep about what God is doing in our lives and what He's teaching us.  Plus you get to sit in the front row if you choose.  

10 week old Michael when I was picked up at airport
Michael is on some medication to help desaturate his lungs, they were a little...saturated with blood, making it difficult to breathe, therefore difficult to eat.  He's breathing and eating better now, which will help him gain that necessary weight before open heart surgery.  No word yet on when that imminent procedure will take place.  I suspect within the month.  He has remained healthy, which is vitally important to ensure his ability to have the surgery when he needs it.  Sarah and boys are holding the fort at home, but they certainly miss our community; we haven't gone to church, Sunday School, Kids Clubs or Daniel's weekly homeschool meetings since January.  Sarah did sneak the family into two local CTL shows to see me, but we kept Michael tucked away in the back away from people.  It was so good for me to see my family during such a long stretch of two weeks away and I think it may have been good for them to see daddy.  :)  "Uncle" Duffy made jump ropes for Daniel, Nicky...and me.  Yeah, I said he Made them.  Little known fact on Duffy, in high school, he was ranked 18 in the nation for...most...awesome...jumproper...

Writing with Mia Fieldes
In between our two weekends of shows in DC, Kentucky, PA, Jersey, Ohio and Wisconsin, I wrote 3 songs in Nashville with Ed Cash and Mia Fieldes for the new album that I'll be recording with my band in August for a release next April (2013).  Pretty excited about the songs that are being unearthed and pray there are many more to come!  

Interesting story happened yesterday at home, while I was in Madison, WI.  My two older boys (5 and 3) went to play with the girls next door outside in the afternoon.  They're not allowed to touch so they don't pass any germs (again to keep Michael healthy for surgery), so they just run in circles and laugh.  Sarah was inside and saw Daniel run to our backyard and hide under the swing set.  She assumed it was hide and seek at first but soon realized something was amiss.  She called him in and questioned him and he denied there was anything wrong.  She called me and I encouraged further questioning; he could return to playing after the truth was given.  It turns out that he was accurately blamed for encouraging the 3 year old girl down their slide where she landed in mud.  When the neighbor mom asked Daniel if that was true he denied it and got scared because now he 1.) encouraged someone to get muddy and 2.) lied about it.  That's why he ran home and hid.  

Before Sarah had called him back in for further questioning, the kids were tossing little rocks and one in Daniel's hand bounced off the neighbor's window; no damage, but loud.  The mom came back out asking what was going on and saying reminding that we don't throw rocks. Now Daniel has 3 strikes and is afraid. If you know my meek little boy at all, you know he was devastated.  

The story ended well, honesty was spilled, Sarah assured him that no one was angry with him and our neighbor assured him of the same very sweetly when Daniel and Sarah walked over to apologize.  Sarah exasperatedly asked me, "What can we do to convince Daniel that we are safe and he can tell us anything!"  I responded that we simply continue to respond lovingly and safely so the next time he thinks about hiding, he'll know his parents love him and are safe.

Then I realized that it's also human nature not to trust and to tend to hide.  Adam and Eve hid in the garden when they disobeyed for the first time, and think about this: God gave them no reason to not trust Him! God is perfectly loving, perfectly trust worthy, they had Zero reason to doubt Him...and still they hid.  

Why do we hide from the safest place we can go whenever we stray from His wisdom.  
God help us run to Your safe and loving arms!


April Vernon said...

Great thoughts. Thank you. I used to be a jump-roping superstar back in my day!

Carrie T. said...

The CTL show in Waukesha was AMAZING! My daughter couldn't wait to go to school today and tell her teacher she got to meet you. Since it was her first concert, Dana now thinks you always get to meet the artists you go see perform. I had to explain to her that we had a pretty special night! :) I love the new picture of Michael, he is just perfect. Give him a big snuggle from us and we will continue to pray for his upcoming surgery. Blessings to your family!

FranRose said...

I am so very glad to hear that your family is doing well. I remember when my 4 were little and they would try to hide from us, we just kept on loving and telling them they could come to us with ANYTHING. They are now 13-15-18 & 20 and we are still very close, I am Blessed to say! Thank you, Aaron, for your music and your gentle soul. I would love to see you come to Maine again!

mollysmitzi said...

This is sooo cute!

mollysmitzi said...


Melody Joy King said...

I so wish I could come this tour. Last I checked the schedule, the closest you were coming was 3 hours from my hometown of Scranton, PA. Honestly if I wasn't struggling so much with morning sickness, exhaustion, (for an amazing reason of course,:0) I would totally make the trek to come out and see you guys. I've decided to wait until our little on arrives in September, and then try to catch you and the band in the Fall if you're on tour then. If that doesn't work out, this will be the first year I haven't gotten to see you guys live since 2008. Sad times, but I'll look forward to introducing our little one to you and your live music soon! Blessings to you and yours Brother, thanks for sharing updates on Michael, and that adorable story about Daniel. He sounds like a kindred spirit to me, I remember apologizing to my Grandma as a kid, for a lie I had told her 3 years before. :0P Happy touring, and please know that Michael is very much in my prayers! ~ MJK

boaz said...

God bless you and your family Aaron.

Looking Up said...

I just wanted to let you know that Michael & your entire family is in my prayers. My son Joshua was also born with DS & a complete AV canal defect. Handing Joshua off for open heart surgery when he was only 3 months old was such a difficult & frightening time in our lives. The wonderful news is that Joshua is now a very happy, healthy, active 3 year old. So active, in fact, that I can barely keep up with him! Joshua never ceases to amaze us with all that he has been able to learn & accomplish since those early days. I have no doubt that your Michael will do the same! God Bless you guys & your family, Kimberly