Monday, May 21, 2012

Another New Normal...for now.

Michael came home Friday at 3:30pm.  The boys and I drove in to visit that day, just like the previous two days, but this time with an idea that we may be driving home with a car full!  He healed and progressed so rapidly that week in the hospital, not without the expected speed bumps, like infection and fever and not eating well orally, but with speedy progression nonetheless.  

Two hours after we pulled in the driveway, I pulled back out to head to the Collyde Conference in New Jersey.  I intended to keep my commitment to play at the conference in the event Michael was stable, even if still at the Hospital.  With him being stable enough to come home, I packed my guitar and backpack, thanking God for His gift of my being able to stay home with Daniel and Nicky all week, so they could sleep in their beds and always have a parent with them, and I drove to the airport: one of the more difficult times leaving.  No one said everything in life was easy.  :)  God certainly spoke to me at the conference through the teaching of Gabe Lyons, whose son also has DS.  What a brilliant and culturally relative believer in Jesus.  Hopefully God used me to speak love and truth to the conference goers through my words and music too.  I'm so thankful for how those people uplifted me and my family in prayer all week.  

I made it home that night and enjoyed a day of rest yesterday with my recovering family: all five of us together again!  Michael continues to heal, we have to be very careful with him of course, so we pray that our loving, often over-zealous boys don't pounce on Michael's little damaged bird chest out of love.  But it's good to be home.  :)  

Thanks to my home church, Crestmont Alliance, for all the meals, love and prayers in this past week!  


finky dory said...

Aaron, I'm SO happy for this great news! My husband and I were at the last show of the CTL tour on May 13, and you inspired us both so much with your words of faith. We were both moved to tears when you were talking your "peace that passes understanding...." Your words were so inspiring!

(We also met you at the Danville, IL show--we are the friends of Jason's from Cincinnati, and we brought your little Bengals fan a gift last week...hope he liked it...he can wear it when the Steelers put a whuppin' on us this fall!)

Lisa G.

Emilee Kaye said...

So happy to hear of this blessed answer to prayer. :) Love your family... however odd that may seem. Praying for you... Phil. 1:7

Greetings! said...

I am grateful that your little man is healing well. Your experiences certainly bring depth to your work and inspiration to the folks you touch. Our son Cody, now 15 1/2 , has DS had open heart surgery and is our constant joy! You might be inspired by his you tube search for...cody gates reads its okay to be different....we hope it will bless you and will continue to pray for you and your family!

sherry dyer said...

My daughter Jenny is twenty nine and was born with downs.I want you to know you have a great blessing from God! Our Jenny is a big bundle of pure love. I will be praying for you guys. Love Sherry Dyer

Bob Ferretti said...

Aaron - I was blessed to be a participant of the Collyde Summit and was uplifted by you and all of the speakers/presenters there. My wife and I were praying for you and your family - and will continue to do so. A child with DS (or in my case an aunt with DS) is such a special blessing. For as long as Michael is with you here, and for all eternity he will have a special place in the heart and hands of God.

My Aunt Claudia lived well into her 40s and maintained her childlike wonder of the world and her amazing capacity to love every day of her life.

Aaron, I am so happy to hear that you were blessed and uplifted by the prayers of those at the conference but please know that we were inspired by you!

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. Psalm 139:13

naomi davis fisher said...

So happy to read this Aaron! There will be many new normals to come....all with valuable lessons! i am still wondering what God is molding me into with all the trials we have endured so far. One of my favorite things i have learned so far in our journey with Will, is to truely see the benefits and positive things in situations that many would greatly fear to go through. I use to see things in a very negative way, but now i see when things are dark around me, light is more apparent. I am thankful for the tough times we have been through. I am so glad your little trooper is doing well! enjoy your time! Can't wait to hear what songs you may come up with from your current experiences! ;). Take care! Naomi

Jill said...

You posted on my blog that you and your wife were brought to tears after reading about the "magic kingdom". Now it's my turn! After reading the post about your wife's thoughts and seeing her holding Michael so tenderly before his surgery.....well, I was incredibly moved and brought to tears myself. Thank you both so much for sharing your story, your perspectives, and your beautiful son with all of us.

Sara Joy Martin said...

Michael is simply precious. There are no other words. Prayers will be lifted up for his speedy recovery and for you & your family's peace, comfort, and joy to be felt by the Lord.