Monday, December 10, 2012

Recording Day One

photo by Amanda Coker
I'm actually sitting in the vocal booth right now as I type while Ed Cash and Brandon Coker are replacing the drum head that he just kicked a hole through.  Coker said never in his life has he punched a hole through a drum head and Ed said never in 10 years in this studio as he seen that happen.  No one will be able to accuse him of playing to gingerly on this record!
We have one song already done and and bunch of other songs charted out and we've played a few passes of a new song that Scott Cash wrote: you're going to love it.  I love working with these guys!



mollysmitzi said...

Ha! i like the drumming part! i play drums also and he must have been playing hard! it is so much fun! :)

Rebecca said...

Looking forward to your new album. Your last one has been like a lifeline to me.

Rebecca said...

Really looking forward to your new album! Your last album has been one I have listened to over and over and over for the last several months in this hard season of my life.

Blessings to you!

RogerB said...

Way to go Aaron. I will be looking forward to the release of this new album.
Roger Bauer