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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lawn Care

My backyard on a good day with boosted saturation
One of my favorite chores, potentially the only chore I could come close to saying I enjoy, is cutting the grass. I don't so much care for the weed whacking part afterward, but I like it to look neat and tidy to a degree.  My insanity stretches only so far.  I rarely edge and I'm not the guy who buys the bags of super grass seed or the 'winter rye' like my Dad spreads every fall to ensure a green winter plot, but I do employ a lawn service to show up a few times a year and spread their toxic chemicals around my yard, messing up my perfectly parallel lines from my last mowing. 

The thing is, I still have patchy spots where no grass grows and that pesky crabgrass sprouts up in far too many places.  In my weaker moments, I want to take a picture of my sub-par yard, send it to the company I enlist and ask if they'd be willing to post my picture on their homepage.  Of course they wouldn't.  Then I imagine they would ask if I'd care to see what my lawn would look like without their help!  

As I cut my grass yesterday, I thought of the care my spiritual life needs.  At times I become satisfied with a decent looking spiritual life, one that looks good from a distance, one that I care for once a week, one that occasionally is bolstered by professionals, perhaps at a spiritual retreat or conference.  But I'm not satisfied with that.  I want more, more of Jesus.  

My yard needs some TLC (tender loving care: not the artist or the channel), it needs a greater investment of time and attention if it's to be full and lush and vibrant, devoid of weeds or dead spots.  My spiritual life craves the same.  


Nathan E Unseth said...

I've been thinking identical thoughts as I mow and weed my grass. The struggle for a clean, lush lawn is aggravated by the proximity of weeds next door. Thus, it is a never-ending battle.

Aaron Shust said...

ah ha! The illustration thickens! How influenced we are by those who surround us. A never ending battle while we live and mow and have our being.

Rachel Matteson said...

Excellent job on the lawn. I admire your work ethic and for making it your passion. I rarely see people like you who enjoy doing chores because most are so lazy to do it. :)

Nancy Weaver said...

Thank you so much for sharing this post! It is really nice to have a very clean lawn and I see that you were successful in maintaining your. Keep it up, Aaron!! -