Monday, September 16, 2013

Talking to Papa

I've been reading a book by Larry Crabb called the The PAPA Prayer about first praying in a relational way before we pray in a petitionary way.  The essence of prayer being more about getting close with our Father than about getting things from Him, even good things.  It's a eye opening read I can highly recommend. 

One of my favorite pictures of Daniel and I. (2011)
He gave an example I can't get out of my head.  When his son was 8 years old (very close to my Daniel's current age), he and his son took a special trip to New York City just for fun.  They stayed up late at the hotel ordering pizza and movies and on their first full day in the city, played Hide and Seek in Central Park.  Larry tells how he hid behind a large tree trunk, mere feet away from his son.  He let his son search and search in the area, all the while remaining undetected behind the big tree.  After 2 minutes, he watched his son's demeanor suddenly change from fun to fearful.  Larry immediately jumped out from hiding exclaiming, "I'm here!"  His son ran into his daddy's arms saying, "I thought you left me! I thought I was all alone!" Larry's point was that all the plans and promised trips to toy stores faded from importance: in that moment he only wanted his daddy. 

As I've continued to dwell on this story, I realize that every illustration breaks down at some point.  I don't believe that God is hiding from us in a twisted game of Spiritual Hide and Seek.  But, I believe that God is always with us, just like Larry was with his son, even if his son didn't know it.  And not until he saw the desperation on his child's face did the father choose to reveal himself.  

I'm flattered that my boys come to their daddy when they need or want things.  Juice, Water, help reaching a book, a brand new toy, a desire to watch another episode of "Turtleman" (Live Action!)  But, I love it even more when they don't feel the need to ask questions and simply cuddle up with daddy.  Sometimes they tell me they love me and they think I'm a great daddy.  Sometimes they just curl up on my lap, feel safe and trust me.  

That's the relationship I believe our Papa longs for too.  


Rebecca said...

Great picture...and great post! I will have to look into that book. I love the idea of praying in a relational way. I encourage it in my children a lot, but do not practice it well myself. I love the example from the author of the book. We have had a lot of family problems in the last couple of years, and my children are showing a lot of fear lately. I love knowing my presence, my touch, can calm much more can God do so for us?!

Thank you for sharing this!

DD said...

Amen. I pray that God can move in all fathers this way. Oh what little things mean so much to kids growing up. And to have a dad who loves their kids...nothing can show who our Heavenly Father is more, to a child just shaping what the world is, than a Godly earthly father. You and your wife and kids are in my heart and prayers as often as I think of you all. Thanks to your family for being Jesus' voice reminding of so many things.

yoandy said...

hey aaron, i found a video just now of you playing guitar for scott hamilton in the hospice during my time of prayer with him. just wanted to tell you that your visit was such a blessing for me. saw you again shortly thereafter at eddie's attic and again was blessed. i see that u'll be back in atlanta in the coming days. continue being a blessing!

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God is always with us. Watching us. Like you always did to your son. Good article.